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It's so good to read this update and see a photo of the baby...He looks beautiful! I already had an episode of The Long Game in my queue (recent interview with Russell Moore), and now it's moving to the top of the list to be heard this weekend, for sure. I hope all continues to go well for you and yours and we look forward to seeing the newly expanded Rauschenberg family again soon!

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I clicked on the links to see the mini-documentary & the brief summary of Jon Ward's life & book. I plan to listen to the audiobook and tune into his podcast and Chris Staron's, too. I admit I've been bewildered by the movement of many Christians into a political stance that seems far from what Jesus taught & modeled, and I welcome commentary from Christians who have done research that will help me better understand why some of my good friends think as they do and help me be glad that I do not. Thanks, Sam!

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